Work Outfit Ideas | What to wear to the office


*ACTUAL* work outfits that you can wear to the office in Spring – classy and affordable!

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♥ MORE outfits (like way more) ♥
Tights outfits:
Affordable winter outfits:

5’7″ or 170cm tall / 33″-25″-36″

bralette ($11)
underwear ($8)

0:23 Outfit 1
polka dot mesh top (xs $10)
black pants (s $17)
camel plaid blazer (2 $30)
black and gold belt ( $4)
slingback heels (39 $19)
White Tweed Purse ( $16)

0:48 Outfit 2
white top (xs $15)
mauve pencil skirt (xs $8)
blazer (similar) (4 $59)
saddle purse ( $16)
slingback heels (39 $19)

1:28 Outfit 3
white top (xs $14)
wide legged pants (2 $29)
snake skin belt ( $7)
white pearl purse ( $13)
white heels (sold out), similar:

2:11 Outfit 4
pink top (thrifted)
white pants (xs $19)
white pearl purse ( $13)
white heels (sold out), similar:

3:05 Outfit 5
pink ribbon top (s $15)
black skirt (xs $9)
polka dot pumps (39 $22)
black bag ( $21)

3:46 Outfit 6
white top: thrifted, similar ( $13)
navy blue pants (xs $17)
black bag ( $18)
polka dot heels (39 $22)

4:31 Outfit 7
White top (xs $8)
beige pants (xs $18)
pink blazer (xs $43)
white purse ( $17)
sandals (8 $33)

5:24 Outfit 8
dress ($25)
blazer (zara, sold out) similar: (xs $32)
gucci belt similar ($15)
lace up booties (8 $28)
black bag ( $21)

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  1. Got massive inspos from Yoon Se-ri and Secretary Kim's office outfits 🤣 (👍if u know what I'm talking abt)
    Also take 15% off your SHEIN order with my code: KERINA15 (not sponsored just wanted to share with y'all!) 💕 💕 💕

  2. I am prob older than most on this channel, but I must say I love every outfit you tried on!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Most of these are not acceptable at work. Short skirts ,see through shirts, opened toe shoes will get you sent home for a change. BUT still freaking adorable nonetheless !!

  4. This Outfits are beautiful, but few of them… not to the office. Second and third are unprofessional and good for a date. To short skirt and transparent blouse- not to the good corpo or for a business metting. Open shoes are so wrong too. 0 knowledge of savoir vivre

  5. super cute outfits! i love them omg!!! too bad some of them are a little too much for tech environment lol. literally you can wear anything to work in tech (other than pjs and sweatpants)

  6. nice body like you wearing anything still looks good and great!….imagine if the body is the plus size one?🤔

  7. Thanks for that video! 😊 All those look books on YouTube are "for girls" with crop tops and short skirts. But I needed smt like this!

  8. I am in love with your videos and get a lot of inspiration from your outfits and since I moved to Germany everyone here dresses very formal and professionally to school or work

  9. this is probably the only work office outfits that I actually like out of the 100 videos i have seen <3<3<3 Definitely going to continue follow you. However i do feel weird ordering anything from shein

  10. I also take amazing outfit in inspiration from Korean dramas. The ladies look amazing going anywhere lol

  11. Be very carefull with the see-throught skirt/tops, tops that show shoulders and designer statement items. Over all this is a very good lookbook!


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