Which Office Chair? – A Quick Buyer's Guide


The IKEA Markus chair is one of the most affordable and best built office / gaming / computer chairs in the market but it isn’t perfect for me. Here’s my guide on what to test out when looking for your perfect office / gaming / computer chair.

Premium office chairs definitely have a hefty price tag but if you’re sitting on them for hours on end they can be a worthwhile investment. Some of the highly regarded premium task chairs include:
Steelcase Gesture
Steelcase Leap
Steelcase Amia
Herman Miller Embody
Herman Miller Aeron
Herman Miller Mirra 2

I hear good things about about some less expensive adjustable chairs like the following but it’s hard to know without being able to test them in person.
Alera Elusion
Office Master OM5

And of course there’s my IKEA Markus chair that I continue to use to this day until I can afford something better, you can watch my review on it here:

The “Generic” Chair in the video I think is from a company called Global.

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  1. I had an Ikea markus for some years but I ended selling it, just pain on my back and butt sitting on it for many hours, me being heavy doesn't help either. Now I have a DXRacer Tank since 2-3 years and it feels much, much better. Not cheap but was worth for my body at least.

  2. Markus is for tall people. Im 165cm and its just too big. No pain no circulation problems its just simply big. Also armrest is too low for short arms…

  3. I had the Ikea chair. I just replaced it. It lasted for 5 years, but I've worn the cushion down. Decent chair though

  4. I'm 166cms (5ft 5 inches). Is markus suitable for me?
    if not which office chair would be suitable? I want to spend more office hours on the chair.

  5. if you are in Canada and want nice midrange chairs, look up Global Furniture Group. They have huge selection and showrooms all over Canada. Some of their mid range chairs are amazing and you can get them for 500-600 canadian dollars. Even their high end chairs are way better then so called "gaming chairs" that cost more and you can get them in nice real leather. From what i have heard, their top chair Concorde is in Oval Office in USA.

    And dont kill your back with IKEA chair…. as you get older, it will come back to haunt you. If you spend more then 4h behind PC, spend that 1k on a chair no mater what people say and your back will thank you later.

  6. As someone that worked office supply retail a long while back and some one, middle aged with nearly 3 decades of burning through office chairs, look for metal undersides of chairs, not hard board, which is just pressed paper. Its what is to task chairs as what particle board is to department store furniture. Cheap with a very short life scan. The immediate clue is the single arm that adjusts height and tilt. It has a 90 degree bend two thirds out to firm a lever. The use a large plastic underside knob to twist in tension. Metal bases usually have two or three levers and no knobs. Only some nice quality all steel tube framed mesh seated chairs have them. If its a mesh back, but a cloth or vinyl cushion, its probably a hardboard,under side.

  7. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4073875 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3732726 fix for jour Marcus 😉

  8. Steelcase Gesture is bad. Had it. Hated it.The foam wears down on the back after a couple years and it's like you're leaning against plastic. Was great at the start. My middle finger makes a better gesture than the Steelcase.

  9. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best office chair scafe.shop/tboc2019?n0 hope it helps you out too!"

  10. I tried all IKEA chairs with Markus as well – can't fit to any of them with 205 cm rofl. legs should create 90 degrees angle when sitting and my legs on the highest setup were doing smth like 70-80 rofl

  11. The most important part of the body that one needs to consider for desk chair is neck support ; it's THE NECK THAT NEEDS TO BE STEADY ALL THE TIME AND NEEDS TO BE SUPPORTED , MORE SO THAN LUMBAR. MARCUS DOES NOT SUPPORT THE NECK , HENCE I RETURNED. people donot understand the very basic understanding even for driver's seat of motor car. the whiplash injury that causes the most injury because of hyperextension of the neck ! same way, long over seating to fix your eyes needs a steady neck and all muscles of the neck are weak long muscle straps get tired, hence needs support. HEAD SUPPORT AND NECK SUPPORT ARE NOT THE SAME !

  12. I'm actually also a big fan of "upgrading" my office chair. I recently purchased these casters and woaw what a difference! The caster wheels are super silent and can roll on any type of flooring including carpet. Here's a link to the one's I bought and would recommend: https://www.amazon.com/s?me=A2TCW16501MZA6&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER

  13. Searches office chair because gaming chair is too expensive. Get told to get the more expensive office chair.

  14. Good office chair. it's very comfortable for work time. view more about office furniture: https://lotussystems.in/

  15. Excellent volume, very good presentation. If only all Youtube video creators would get mic'd up
    the way you have done, I wouldn't have to keep casting videos from my old laptop to our TV's,
    in order to hear them.
    I just wanted to warn people * NOTTT * to buy those cheap plastic covered, faux leather, desk chairs
    from Staples. They only last about 2 years before the plastic covering begins to flake off in tiny pieces
    and from that point on, you will have a part time job of vacuuming that crap off your rug about 3 times
    a week if you have solid rugs that will show black plastic flakes easily. I bought 3 of these chairs from
    Staples and all of them have had this exact same problem. And there is no way to repair a chair
    with this problem. I have placed a black shirt around the back of the chair, to try and deter some
    of these flakes from falling on the rug but that is only marginally useful.
    The chair you are reviewing is a completely different chair than the chairs we bought for approx $60.
    Delaware County, PA

  16. my old office used those HM Aeron chairs and they're amazing. You can sit on them all day and its goooood. But I aint about to fork out that much money. T.T Wish there were budget friendly ones

  17. its not a good Idea to place a book under our feet, we should respect books as books are the source of knowledge and wisdom

  18. I've been using the Markus since 2009, and have owned two in that time. The current one was purchased in 2017, and the tilt lock lever malfunctioned on me recently. I called them for warranty service, and expected to get just the under carriage mechanism, but yesterday I received an entirely new Markus from them.

    So to any IKEA chair owners out there… just give their customer service a call if you ever have issues with it while it's under warranty. The Markus has a 10 year warranty that cover all the functional and moving parts of the chair, but not cosmetic damage. I can tell you from experience that they will have your back on any functional issue. So now I have a whole new Markus for $0 extra, and the old one for parts. Works for me!

    Also, the first one I bought in 2009 lasted till 2017, and was still perfectly functional, but it just had too much cosmetic damage. It was the black leather model, but only the seat and arms are leather. The headrest and back are fake leather, and start to fall apart after a few years. The current one I have is the dark grey cloth model, and the cloth seems a lot more durable than the fake leather was. It's like car seat cloth sort of.

    It's a great chair, and I can spend a whole day it it without being sore anywhere. Even Markiplier has one! 🙂

  19. My problem is my desk has a center drawer, so it's kinda too short for my legs, and also causes the surface to be too tall for my arms. My chair is also really old and cheap, so the seat cushion is now basically flat, the back is short and wobbly due to old age, and likes to slide down and back, too, and it has no arm rests at all.

    And I'm also still $3000 in debt due to blowing an engine in my car and crashing my rental car that I used to get home. But FUCK do I really need a new chair and desk…. :/

  20. The chair I have is under 1K_- it has a pullout footrest adjustable height, you can repose your seat and bend it back whenever sat on…spins…and comes with a attachble mini coushin .armrests and its 20% plank 15% ironpeice and nylon



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