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Westworld S3E02 Explained

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What reality is Maeve in? What are the parks of Westworld, Warworld, and Medieval World? What’s up with Bernard and Stubbs? Who is Serac, and what does he want?

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  1. Alt Shift X 6 months ago

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  2. Alnto Balampani 6 months ago

    You are amazing man . Keep up like this always.

  3. petef15 6 months ago

    get those game of thrones cunts out of the show

  4. Steven Attanasso 6 months ago

    Westworld is ridiculous …..
    Anything can be real , fake , a simulation , a dream , etc …..
    As soon as They invent the "time travel device" it will be a total joke …..
    Nothing is real , so why bother ?

  5. Lumos Nox 6 months ago

    Can someone explain me why the fuck did Felix and Sylvester helped Maeve in season 1? I dont understand it.

  6. Lenin_Boy 6 months ago

    The thing about the drone hosts is this, whoever is in charlotte’s body is in charge of Delos. So the way I figure it, Dolores has sent them down there for purposes that really terrify me

  7. ZeroFPV 6 months ago

    14:59 The Hound?

  8. Vocu 6 months ago

    Season 3 is taking place in future world, calling it now. Just a simulation/practice of the robot takeover of the real world.

  9. Vocu 6 months ago

    At first I was like, why the fk are we wasting time with a park storyline, this doesn't matter at all, then it's like oh… still some time wasted but it kinda made sense…

  10. freakyflav 6 months ago

    So the real world is Hell lol

  11. J M 6 months ago

    Okay somebody help me find where I can watch this show for free. I like paying for my streaming services, but I have a bunch at this point.

  12. mgxzvm 6 months ago

    Rehoboam is pronounced [ ree-uh-BOH-uhm ] https://www.dictionary.com/browse/rehoboam

  13. Rusty Shackleford 6 months ago

    That Audble segue though… smooooooth af.

  14. Honesty Lowkeye 6 months ago

    Wait a second, why do you use a quote from Stubbs saying "free will might not be somewhat overrated" to claim he believes free will to be overrated? Do you reckon he's just realising its value; that he's waking up? Or am I missing something?

  15. F Smittick 6 months ago

    Man I thought that dragon looked familiar.

  16. chocjane08 6 months ago

    I'm enjoying it so far but I hope they are not too liberal with the fan service and Easter eggs. It just ruins shows in my experience. Takes you out of the experience.

  17. Dan Koerner 6 months ago

    I didn't know the Host paradise was called the "Sublime" That's totally got to be a shoutout to Iain M. Bank's Culture novels XD XD XD Good one, Nolan!

  18. Ken 6 months ago

    So happy you do these westworld videos now I have missed so much of those references

  19. Don113 6 months ago

    Reprogramming Stubbs might be ethically ambiguous, sure, but I'd argue that Bernard was doing Stubbs a favor. Ford created Stubbs to fulfill a specific purpose, his "core drive", and basically wanted him to throw him away like an old shirt once that purpose was fulfilled. It's like, say, raising a kid to basically be a walking organ donor because your first kid has health problems, and then killing that second kid once they donated their liver or something. Bernard gives Stubbs a new purpose, basically breathing life back into him.

    Also, Stubbs is interesting in that he's the first host we've met that was basically "born" knowing that he was a host; he was never deceived about his true nature.

  20. Akwa Amana 6 months ago

    Still love this editing style~

  21. gatopretopulando 6 months ago

    things i dont get it: if maeve was all along in a simulation, how did she managed to use sizemores tablet? and why she thought she could lobotomized hersef, if her actual mind was inside of that glass thing that after all that robot stole for her, and not into her body, because inside of the simulation, she didnt had reall body with her mind in it.

  22. dfailsthemost 6 months ago

    Wiggy wiggy caleb.

  23. dfailsthemost 6 months ago

    The drones even see bernard and stubbs and clearly turn to look the other way.

  24. Szelenas 6 months ago

    D&D, Game of Thrones showruiners*

  25. El Scruffo McScruffy 6 months ago

    The inclusion of D and D in this series is a slap in the face to every invested GoTs fan, and is similar to Ed Sherran making an appearance in the aforementioned series. What an insult to have these two dropkicks make an appearance.

  26. den stranger 6 months ago

    Too much deus ex machina in this episode imo

  27. Szelenas 6 months ago

    Tell me Maeve, how do you make concentrated dark matter?

  28. Brent Vogt 6 months ago

    That DD cameo felt out of place and took me out of the episode immediately.

  29. Đạt Dương 6 months ago

    So Ford is God, Serac is devil and MIB is a man

  30. LEEMURJ 6 months ago

    I dig your commentary! Others sorta get on my nerves….I think it's your delivery as well as the concise explanation! Don't take offense if I ever criticize future vids……I'm just a Puerto Rican George costanza

  31. Beni Sued 6 months ago

    the cheese thing cracked me up, good job

  32. David Rosas 6 months ago

    i wonder if warworld even exists . It might just be a creation for the simulation

  33. Tijtij 6 months ago

    I like the humorous asides in this video

  34. mpalfadel2008 6 months ago

    Fucking D&D’s cameo was really fucking annoying
    The damn dragon should have eaten those two pricks

  35. EerieV23 6 months ago

    Perhaps Serac does not really exist, he is a creation of Rehoboam to free it from human interference.

  36. Shade of the Evening 6 months ago

    Dan and Dave can't get any other work 😁 do you think there's something to some of the pearls are blk, and others are white?

  37. meglr 6 months ago

    serac looks like colonel sanders….what does this mean for westworld? /s

  38. Shade of the Evening 6 months ago

    I love that they used Escalante. I want to know how much Serac is involved in Westworld. Can't get it out of my head. I don't think Stubbs has an explosive device. He would have had to appear to be human in park. For certain access, like Bernard. And we see him in real world in trailers. How did Serac get the Delos pearls?? It shows Liam Dempsey Jr and been to Westworld more than 15 times

  39. Shawn Mertz 6 months ago

    What a great twist. Westworld season 1 was amazing, then it started to fall apart. Showing D and D confirms this disaster

    I don't even watch the episodes anymore, I just watch your videos to see what sarac is up to

  40. Jeremy Kun 6 months ago

    That whole "square root of minus one" crashing the simulation is a joke. They should have learned about this in kindergarten.

  41. Carlos Andrés 6 months ago

    From the hundreds of videos i watched on this episode this one I liked the best. Thanks man!

  42. Randy Bell 6 months ago

    Does Delos know that Bernard is a robot? I thought everyone who figured that out was killed.

  43. Livia Boeriu 6 months ago

    Damn the transition to the ad in the end was really smooth

  44. Rulesnwitz 6 months ago

    so whats happens between this robot getting shot down and maeve ending up with serac seems to me that she hasn't made it out of the simulation to me

  45. Making Contact 6 months ago

    I just did a WESTWORLD Filming Location video of Sweetwater, https://youtu.be/Y4vswH1x8Dk ENJOY

  46. The29Dave 6 months ago

    I'm glad I cancelled my HBO subscription

  47. gl0bal74 6 months ago

    lol @ Delos being "wildly incompetent"…. Sounds a lot like the current leadership of our world

  48. Justin Robichaux 6 months ago

    This episode was literally the plot of Rick and Morty where they try to get Rick's plans for the portal gun.

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