The Best Budget Office Chair: Staples Tarance Review


There are thousands of options if you are looking for an office chair. Finding one that is affordable and still quality can be extremely difficult. I took a risk and picked up the $200 Staples Tarance office chair. See my impression here.

Staples Tarance Office Chair:


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  1. Its mid 2020 almost 2 years! (already) – is the chair still holding up Tek? or has it been out with the worn out and in with the new (dang that gf analogy made me laugh)

  2. Hi. Great video. How do you like your chair given that this video was made 2 years ago? I'm getting neck pain in my crappy old desk chair now that I'm working from home 24×7. I watched some other videos, but the chairs >$700 is way too much. Did you ever get neck pain in this chair after spending a lot of time in it?

  3. A chair with a manual!?

    It's a slippery slope man.

    You know you're in trouble, when you need both hands to find your arse in a dark room.

  4. No overpriced pretentious Herman Miller chair. No obnoxious RGB everywhere and upbeat edm… for a first timer, this channel has potential.

  5. Where do you get a desk like that? Every time i search desks I just get fancy stuff with drawers and shelves. I just want something like what you got.

  6. nice clean place my dude, i like setups like these unlike some pack rat people with whole lot of shit on their pc desk

  7. Just ordered this. It's $70 off at Staples right now at $129.99, plus an extra $25 off any order of 100+ with checkout code 66122. So it came to $110 with tax and I'm picking it up curbside tomorrow. Looks great and I hope it works for me since all of my classes are now online. It'll definitely be a major upgrade on the $50 chair I got off of Amazon a year ago that now sinks about 20% of the times I sit in it.

  8. I just went out and bought this chair the other day and it was on sale for $130. Easy decision for the price. Even picked up a 3-year warranty that includes self-inflicted damage (only $20). The price was good until 5-5-2020 I believe.


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