Tenshi no Present:Marl Oukoku Monogatari:Will the Pumpkin Princess Overcome her Trial of Love?:2


Well now the journey continues on through this chapter as Kururu and she ends up going to search for Koro, Little Ledgem, Billy, Kid and Tel who are all missing. on the way for searching for them Kururu ends up seeing well the puppet Kururu from the first Marl kingdom game but wait at the end of Puppet Princess Cherie whom soul was in the Kururu doll left so something is not right she shouldn`t be there like that still. Following her to a cave Kururu finds Little Ledgem and Koro who attack her and inside the cave the egg brothers Billy, Kid and Tel attack too! and deeper inside they finally meet Kururu who turns out to be a fake and it is that red colored robot cat again that was fought by Cornet in the 1st chapter and as usual the fight is pretty tense do no underestimate that little red cat he can be tough at times and a close call is sure as heck had here almost took my team out.

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