Tenshi no Present:Marl Oukoku Monogatari:This is Marl! Everyone Work Together!:Playthrough 4


Alrighty now the grand final to everything! Yes this is the final part to this game ah this game ended pretty fast but it was never all that long. So the final battle with the Overlord happens here! This time instead of facing that little red nyanko we end up facing well a huge giant red robot which is almost like the ancient weapons that Cherie encountered before but Overlord is way bigger and of course stronger. But eventually, after one intense battle, it is all over and the true nature of the Overlord is revealed when a little nyanko pops out and is restored back to normal he explains to everyone what happened to him and how he ended up being controlled by the Overlord and eventually made to control him to make him move since he is well a machine that needs someone to operate it! So all of this trouble stemmed from Cherie Lol and a little nyanko getting lured into being controlled by the Overlord. Hope you guys enjoyed this great game and very obscure too enjoy the ending and final battle and as always see ya next game!

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  1. Well now this is it for this obscure but wonderful great game I hope ya'll enjoyed this playthrough ah I wish more people knew about this gem of a game more english speakers need to cover this game. Anyway enjoy the final battle! and the nice little ending whew and still so many games I have to go.


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