Technology for furniture in offices: Hettich height-adjustable tables, drawer + sliding door systems


The office is becoming more and more homely and continues to develop ergonomically. At the same time, spatial efficiency and intelligent organization of office work are becoming more and more important. The technology for furniture supports these trends.

Workstations depict the change and possibilities in the modern office very beautifully. Big Org@Tower now has additional functions: storage space, privacy and sound proofing as room separators. These allow ergonomic access to the storage area even when standing. This is an important aspect when working with height-adjustable tables.

The Big Org@Tower can be used in many variants:
For example, handleless and minimalistic.
Big Org@Tower Wood, in this case with electromotive opening. This is an advantage e. g. for heavy loads.
Big Org@Tower Systema Top 2000: based on the proven platform concept of this drawer system. The privacy protection can be separately pulled to serve as a shield when work needs high concentration.
Vertically partitioned panels are also possible: this enable access to the storage space between 2 workstations from left to right. Big Org@Tower also allows so split panels horizontally into two and to allow access from 2 sides.

And the users of this innovative furniture concept enjoy the experience of smooth running, stable Quadro runners, individual internal organization and features like runner damping.

Sliding door cabinets are gaining on popularity as room separators. The look stylish and can be placed any where in the room. Here the 2 cabinets are positioned slightly offset: so that the room separator can be used from both sides.
The SysLine S sliding door fitting offers optimum access to the contents of the cabinet with 100% door opening.
InLine S combines this advantage with a flush, high quality design. Behind the sliding doors, the drawer systems can make the storage space more functional, ergonomic and beautiful.

The healthy habit of sitting and standing at workstations interchangeably is getting accepted: standing arrangements are required sometimes also in meetings. This conference table is built on the table adjustment mechanism of the LegaDrive System.
The integrated box moves with LegaDrive electromotive force and offers storage space as well as scope for network access – something that is frequently required in meetings!

Are you looking for solutions for writing desks, conference tables and furniture at workstations? You can find everything under one roof at Hettich.

This video is just 1 out of a series taken at Interzum 2015 in Cologne. If you find it interesting, have a look at the others.
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