Steam Controller Long Term Review – Is it terrible?

Is the Steam Controller an overall failure like Steam OS, or does it have a place in a standard gamer’s peripheral lineup?

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  1. andrulV2 4 months ago

    Don't get upset, but I'm glad I didn't see this video when I was looking to purchase my steam controller back when it was still beta. Agreed, it should never be bought to replace a 360 or ps4 controller for your pc. I've seen many posters who swear by it for over the shoulder and FPS games, but I never could get the hang of using it for that purpose. However, as an enhancement for games that don't support controllers, or not to the extent you'd like, it's awesome. I use it primarily for my online mmo's such as Dungeons and Dragons Online. While the game does support the 360 controller I still prefer my steamer for the job because I've configured it to support multiple shortcut bars so rarely have to touch the keyboard while dungeon delving.

  2. doothedew79 Games 4 months ago

    Bro you you could get a wired Nintendo switch controller for like 20 bucks and works on steam

  3. BendApparatus 4 months ago

    Makes you look like a complete doofus…😏 3:12

  4. Seth Haycock-Poller 4 months ago

    I bought it when it went on sale for 5 bucks. I do think it actually functions a little better than you say as a standard controller, but I definitely feel the sacrifices whenever I use it. I can MAKE DO with it for MOST games, but the right-stick touchpad will never beat just a real right stick on a lot of games.

  5. Sarys 4 months ago

    Wait so it doesn't work on all the titles that ps controller works with?

  6. Sarys 4 months ago

    I hate controller, but I just talked myself into buying one. I read about this controller, and decided this is the one I want. Well looks like I'm late again. Damn it, all the new ones are $100.

  7. CHRIS vids 4 months ago

    I hate that it isnt for sell

  8. CHRIS vids 4 months ago

    I actually want it

  9. Nils Weber 4 months ago

    Well as a longtime steamcontroller user i mostly agree, except that there are some other things to learn than just the touchpad. Also there are longstanding issues with it that were never fixed. If a developer doesnt allow you to mix keyboard/mouse control with controller input (bethesda why) then youll have a bad time with the steam controller. valve built a bandaid fix for that with the "mouse analogstick" option (game thinks its an analogstick but it really is a mouse). Unfortunately that has been broken forever, it has this weird quirk where it gives more input the slower you move your finger.

  10. Mitsuo Fukushima 4 months ago

    Worst Review ever, there are better channels that shows the real potential of this Control.

  11. Nemo 4 months ago

    0:37 ahead of his time

  12. Dreamy Nimble Feet 4 months ago

    I love the controller. Mapping and programming the buttons with the steam controller config is its best feature and it loads different configs you set automatically for each game. I can't imagine myself playing steam games without this.

  13. J. S 4 months ago

    Steam is a complete piece of dog excrement and should be shut down for its fraudulent behaviour. They stole money from me and I’ll never forgive them. As this channel is a steam shill I will now unsubscribe from it and never sing your praise ever again.

  14. Brandon Hortman 4 months ago

    Steam controller is amazing. Won't play without it

  15. salim mohammed 4 months ago

    How much watts is the power adapter cause I lost all of my power adapters during “HOUSE SHIFTING” so please tell how much watts it is

  16. nyqon 4 months ago

    its a good controller honestly. just takes a long time to set up per game. and there arent enough explanation/ tutorials available.

  17. Gigagamer74 4 months ago

    Just look at how do I play the game BlockadeClassic (it is a brutal FPS net game) with my SteamController.

  18. Go Blue 4 months ago

    Have used and loved mine for RL for years. We need a V2!

  19. Velpoem 4 months ago

    Microsoft should improve Steam’s game controller and make it on their next game console after Xbox Series X.

  20. Daslikdj 4 months ago

    Steam controller is going to go down as the best PC controller ever made. Everyone that disagrees is just stupid beyond belief.

  21. TheArbusTree 4 months ago

    I don't really like you review you sound really negative. The Steam Controller is actually the first Controller I liked, because it is so intuitive, when you are used to use mouse and Keyboard. You can play anything with that thing, and it's actually really confy. I never liked consoles because auf the controllers but this one is next lvl. Also I think the design is very well made, it seems at start cheep, but then you will notice it is just a smart piece of engineering, really light thing, so many features, and I never felt like it was really "cheap". Actually the design is nice and minimalistic and really smart.This is my opinion on that, and yes it is very positive. Because I am surprised. I bought it on sale for 5 bucks and didn't expect I really need this, but i actually needed lol

  22. Dr.Cosmar 4 months ago

    Every third person game with a camera fails. I actually dislike the trackpad 10000000%. It's a niche controller….

  23. jon siewert 4 months ago

    Why does he talk like a valley girl where every sentence has to end in a question.

  24. robloxsbro31 4 months ago

    I wonder if steam controller is selling on Georgia… damn it is so good looking

  25. 공재이 4 months ago

    I mainly used Steam Controller for Overwatch and it helped me a lot. I actually did much better with this controller than I did with keyboard and mouse. It's a shame that it's discontinued 😭

  26. Mike212w 4 months ago

    hey linus its not weird you are

  27. Wren Audy 4 months ago

    I have a nintendo switch pro controller, i'm good.

  28. asdif 4 months ago

    im a few years late, but wouldnt a steep learning curve mean that you learn a lot in a short amount of time?

  29. ArtOfToke 4 months ago

    It has gyro controls

  30. Victinizz 4 months ago

    honestly i don't like the touch pad thing, i'd prefer the joysticks like consoles have, which if you're a PC gamer coming from console and still wants to use a controller, use whatever you were using before, if you didn't sell it.

  31. Davy Lawson 4 months ago

    Left side battery is in upside down.

  32. William Jarosz 4 months ago

    I'm DMG in csgo and all I use is the steam controller.

  33. Randomness Gamer 4 months ago


  34. Jay Hovah 4 months ago

    Absolutely play everything I can on the steam controller, I love the hell out of it. Not good for mortal kombat though, which is sadly my favorite game

  35. Wand Schauer 4 months ago

    Best strategy controller ever! Reason it had no success? Price at 60€ while xbox and playstation out there. 5 bucks valve?! If u made a good price before you would have succeeded with it in the first place

  36. Icameto plunder 4 months ago

    I bought one back in the days when they were just new, this december they were on sale for5 bucks and I regret so hard not buying a second one, now they're on ebay and amazon for like 90€ this is mental

  37. Zed 4 months ago

    Can we get an F for this controller? C'mon Valve, you didn't have to discontinue it.

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