Steam Controller Long Term Review – Is it terrible?


Is the Steam Controller an overall failure like Steam OS, or does it have a place in a standard gamer’s peripheral lineup?

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  1. Don't get upset, but I'm glad I didn't see this video when I was looking to purchase my steam controller back when it was still beta. Agreed, it should never be bought to replace a 360 or ps4 controller for your pc. I've seen many posters who swear by it for over the shoulder and FPS games, but I never could get the hang of using it for that purpose. However, as an enhancement for games that don't support controllers, or not to the extent you'd like, it's awesome. I use it primarily for my online mmo's such as Dungeons and Dragons Online. While the game does support the 360 controller I still prefer my steamer for the job because I've configured it to support multiple shortcut bars so rarely have to touch the keyboard while dungeon delving.

  2. I bought it when it went on sale for 5 bucks. I do think it actually functions a little better than you say as a standard controller, but I definitely feel the sacrifices whenever I use it. I can MAKE DO with it for MOST games, but the right-stick touchpad will never beat just a real right stick on a lot of games.

  3. I hate controller, but I just talked myself into buying one. I read about this controller, and decided this is the one I want. Well looks like I'm late again. Damn it, all the new ones are $100.

  4. Well as a longtime steamcontroller user i mostly agree, except that there are some other things to learn than just the touchpad. Also there are longstanding issues with it that were never fixed. If a developer doesnt allow you to mix keyboard/mouse control with controller input (bethesda why) then youll have a bad time with the steam controller. valve built a bandaid fix for that with the "mouse analogstick" option (game thinks its an analogstick but it really is a mouse). Unfortunately that has been broken forever, it has this weird quirk where it gives more input the slower you move your finger.

  5. I love the controller. Mapping and programming the buttons with the steam controller config is its best feature and it loads different configs you set automatically for each game. I can't imagine myself playing steam games without this.

  6. Steam is a complete piece of dog excrement and should be shut down for its fraudulent behaviour. They stole money from me and I’ll never forgive them. As this channel is a steam shill I will now unsubscribe from it and never sing your praise ever again.

  7. How much watts is the power adapter cause I lost all of my power adapters during “HOUSE SHIFTING” so please tell how much watts it is

  8. its a good controller honestly. just takes a long time to set up per game. and there arent enough explanation/ tutorials available.

  9. Just look at how do I play the game BlockadeClassic (it is a brutal FPS net game) with my SteamController.

  10. Microsoft should improve Steam’s game controller and make it on their next game console after Xbox Series X.

  11. Steam controller is going to go down as the best PC controller ever made. Everyone that disagrees is just stupid beyond belief.

  12. I don't really like you review you sound really negative. The Steam Controller is actually the first Controller I liked, because it is so intuitive, when you are used to use mouse and Keyboard. You can play anything with that thing, and it's actually really confy. I never liked consoles because auf the controllers but this one is next lvl. Also I think the design is very well made, it seems at start cheep, but then you will notice it is just a smart piece of engineering, really light thing, so many features, and I never felt like it was really "cheap". Actually the design is nice and minimalistic and really smart.This is my opinion on that, and yes it is very positive. Because I am surprised. I bought it on sale for 5 bucks and didn't expect I really need this, but i actually needed lol

  13. Every third person game with a camera fails. I actually dislike the trackpad 10000000%. It's a niche controller….

  14. I mainly used Steam Controller for Overwatch and it helped me a lot. I actually did much better with this controller than I did with keyboard and mouse. It's a shame that it's discontinued 😭

  15. honestly i don't like the touch pad thing, i'd prefer the joysticks like consoles have, which if you're a PC gamer coming from console and still wants to use a controller, use whatever you were using before, if you didn't sell it.

  16. Absolutely play everything I can on the steam controller, I love the hell out of it. Not good for mortal kombat though, which is sadly my favorite game

  17. Best strategy controller ever! Reason it had no success? Price at 60€ while xbox and playstation out there. 5 bucks valve?! If u made a good price before you would have succeeded with it in the first place

  18. I bought one back in the days when they were just new, this december they were on sale for5 bucks and I regret so hard not buying a second one, now they're on ebay and amazon for like 90€ this is mental


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