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Office Sounds Ambience – Background Noise for Study and Work

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An office soundscape to help you focus.

A nice ambience if you are working from home and want to help stay in a work mindset (especially if you have kids and can hear them running around downstairs!) Also good if you are a student studying for a final and want to mask the noise of your housemates!

This Office ambience is actually quite soft and relaxing in it’s own way, but it also helps kick your brain into a more active thinking mode simply due to association. There is also a soft white/brown noise effect due to the air conditioning units and all the PC’s in the office when I recorded.

Enjoy, and I hope you get your work done – you can do it!

(If you want to loop the video overnight, just right-click the video and select ‘loop’)


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  1. Muhammad Faizan 3 months ago

    This is amazing. I don't get bored sitting in my chair having to work as freelance in my home. Much better than playing distracting music or other things.

  2. Molly Macdonald 3 months ago

    I use this to sleep lmao

    I could use more printer noise tho

  3. moose185 3 months ago

    God this really helps my productivity crazy how sounds like this can help.

  4. Dasha Omel 3 months ago

    I know this may sound weird but I turn on the office and fall asleep. This is a good alternative haha

  5. Meagan Woolstrum 3 months ago

    One person drinks a lot of soda…

  6. Frederik Kordiak 3 months ago

    So soothing that I took a nap. Also thought how authentic that it has Teams notification sounds until I realized I napped through my boss trying to reach me. Great stuff

  7. Seishin Taisen 3 months ago

    Guess you didn't want a full reference number.

  8. Dana Schoen 3 months ago

    It's amazing how ones work environment becomes so ingrained. Something as simple as this makes so many people feel so much better. Very nice upload.

  9. David Notheis 3 months ago

    Need to get this edited with the office loud person laughing or yelling to different people to come over to their desk.

  10. wouldn’t you like to know 3 months ago

    “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”

  11. J W 3 months ago

    Bill Lumbergh approves

  12. Jason K. 3 months ago

    Waiting for the drop…

  13. Anonymous User 3 months ago

    I literally cried out when I hear this after being working from home for 3 weeks due to COVID-19.

  14. Atul Patil 3 months ago

    Believe me I was doing okay working from home. But just minutes after I started listening to this, I started feeling sleepy lol I mean it's sooo much realistic 🙂

  15. Orion 3 months ago

    everyone's talking about no ringing phones, but that's what I came for

  16. JandL Andrews 3 months ago

    Really like it, but wish I could play it on my Android phone and shut off the display to save my battery. Anyone know how to do that?

  17. Kendra Yeet 3 months ago

    This is amazing for focusing and trying to simulate the environment I enjoy so much at my campus libraries! Thank god, I haven't been able to focus at all working from home

  18. joshua galvan 3 months ago

    I work at a school district in Cicero il , now with all the craziness going right now i am stuck at home , this is really getting me to feel a bit like i am back at my office that i so much love and miss right now .. thank you for this great video ..stay safe everyone .

  19. Eddie Lopez 3 months ago

    Who is here due to COVID-19 and having to work virtually?

  20. exactly why L 3 months ago

    I have to study and work for school at home because of the coronavirus now and i desperately need some background noise like this because it's so hard for me to study at home and without people around

  21. Philip Mills 3 months ago

    I had to quit my old job and come to this office instead. My previous employer kept asking me for record 646 over and over, every day.

  22. Kathleen Paulino 3 months ago

    Is there any way to get a longer version of this that's continuous? I know I can loop but there's a several second delay from the end to the beginning and if I'm on a call when it happens, it's very noticeable. Would you have a 4 hour version? I love this one so much.

  23. Taiga Aisaka XT 3 months ago

    me, doing homework in silence: cant focus
    me, putting on any other video: cant focus cuz of the ringing phones and conversations that i normally eavesdrop on instead of doing homework
    this: perfect
    hotel? trivago (is that still a thing? lol)

  24. Lady Punchbag 3 months ago

    I love this one, really reminds me of my old office – photocopiers humming in the background, muffled conversations a few tables away, and me tapping away on my keyboard.

  25. SoccerRockNY 3 months ago

    This is great. I'm here at home, in between jobs, and applying for my next full time office opportunity. I definitely needed this background sound to get me in focus and remind me of my future return (this will take place; I'm feeling determined) working in a corporate setting.

  26. Robotsnake20 3 months ago

    PST Dan


    You.got a pen

  27. Bbbb JZn 3 months ago

    stop cheating on yo wife

  28. Mike Tayon 3 months ago

    This is great to use when trying to talk on your cell phone with thin walled apartment trolls around you! "white noise" helps mask yours! LOL

  29. hxneypop 3 months ago

    I love this!

  30. Kathleen Paulino 3 months ago

    This is great. I love the keyboard sounds and muted conversation. I love that there aren't phones or other loud, distracting noises. Perfect for what I need.

  31. Loay Dooda 3 months ago

    no crazy phones ringing constantly. no loud conversations. simulates my office pretty good. love this one. set's me in place well.

  32. Joe Donnelly 3 months ago

    somebody has got very quick typing skills

  33. Josh Monty 3 months ago

    Love this one cuz of the lack of ringing phones

  34. ggg9ggg 3 months ago

    I turn this up on my speakers and then put the noise cancelling phones on.

  35. Gabe Ross 3 months ago

    how many times someone gonna cough and then open a soda can😭

  36. Michael King 3 months ago

    This is a good one as there aren’t any accents or languages!

  37. Brian Cottrell 3 months ago

    Love it. Just started working from home and needed some background noise. Thank you.

  38. Brian Telestai 3 months ago

    When that soda can opened… what a plot twist.

  39. CheckEm 3 months ago

    i got used to passing out in a busy lab late at night during school but now that it's summer i can't sleep without this noise

  40. Ms. Victoria Nicole 3 months ago

    I use this everyday for work from home ☺️ thank you!

  41. zuzu 3 months ago

    Best background video I've listened to so far. Writing up a 4000 word document overnight requires focus so this really got me motivated. Much thanks~!

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