Office Manager Tips from two experienced Executive Assistant AND Office Manager.


A panel interview with two experienced executive assistant and office managers.

In this open and honest interview they discuss the challenged of managing the office while being Executive Assistants.

The cover many office manager tips in this office manager interview with two experienced office managers.

The interview is moderated by Nicky Christmas, former EA and now Editor & Founder of Practically Perfect PA, one of the largest online resources you will find practical ideas on how you can be a more proactive personal assistant or executive assistant.


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  1. Very interesting. My biggest challenge as an OA/OM is planning focus time so I can complete a task for someone then getting so many interruptions (F2F and via Skype and MSTeams) that I can’t finish the task as agreed. I work in an open plan office so have no way to stop interruptions. If people can’t reach me one way they try others. Meeting rooms don’t have the PC equipment I need and WFH is sometimes possible depending on the task IF I plan in advance. When this happens I lose control of my day, despite blocking time out in my calendar. Any advice?


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