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Office For Men Cologne Review! Is Fragrance One Worth Your Money?

Click here to check out the Fragrance for yourself!

🔴 – Click here to watch my Brutally Honest Reaction on Alpha M’s Enemy Sunglasses.

Video Summary:
1:17 – Office for Men “Pros”
6:10 – Office for Men “Cons”
8:13 – Final thoughts

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  1. Real Men Real Style 4 months ago

    https://fragrance.one/products/fragrance-one-office-for-men/ Click here to check out Office For Men yourself!

    WATCH NEXT: Brutally Honest Reaction on Alpha M's Enemy Sunglasses – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8F5nqO_1H0&list=PLbAUemeg-Kyfzk0__UJuvkQVyw1b6lj-e
    Which product should I review next? Comment below!

  2. Nepu-Tech USA 4 months ago

    Wow this review comes out as a commercial. I earned a lot of respect for RMRS when he was brutally honest to Jeremy in his 2020 interview because Jeremy is extremely charismatic and can get any lesser man to agree with everything he says, I mean this guy can sell Icecream to an Ezkimo. RMRS really held his own talking to Jeremy so I wonder what happened here.

  3. Leon Ruecker 4 months ago

    Its awesome to see you have become a Fraghead!

  4. Aaron m 4 months ago

    Would love to hear your opinion on Jeremy's new fragrance: Date for Men and compare that one to Office.

  5. Erik The Drink 4 months ago

    It is also an anti-travalo bottle. You can remove the nozzle, but the tube is too wide for the port at the bottom of a travalo.

  6. najwa salmani 4 months ago


  7. Fragrance Fanatic 4 months ago

    Great video and content! Subbed. Much respect to you

  8. Nivlac Yar 4 months ago

    Antonio, you need to ask yourself this question:

    We know you're supporting Jeremy, but I'm sorry, if people complain about the price, then it's not "niche." If the smell is "too" familiar then it's not a work of art.

    Jeremy is confident that he himself has become a brand and that people will buy whatever he dishes out. Obviously, this is not true.

    Whereas perfumers like Creed, a true "niche" house – well, they go way back hundreds of years. They have perfected the formula. Now that is work of art. You also don't see Erwin Creed going around on YouTube with sexy girls and an accent going "hey there sexy gentlemen…today, I wan't to tell you about my fragrance, oh my god, you see, you see, there's the compliment, yeah guys, buy my fragrance." No, his product is the statement, and that's why people don't complain, even at the price point of over $300.

  9. qazi faisal 4 months ago

    Im very disapointed i have the a lot of respect for you your what men need. I have been a fragrance manager for over 20 years for a niche and fragrance company that being said anyone who has any fragrance knowledge knows jeremy is scam artist im deeply saddened by this video. Just because he has memorized notes over the years doesnt mean anything jeremy only recomends trendy fragrances never like a fragrance expert that goes out on a limb .not to mention he is taking about tripling his price your subscribers deserve better.if you had partnered up mickey miker or bbb and brooklyn fragrance lover i would been ok thats sense classy reviewers with a classy men style guy .

  10. Sam Stg 4 months ago

    Is crab

  11. chenghui wang 4 months ago

    i thought u gonna said it straight but I think u r just friend of him ,

  12. Mickey Nguyen 4 months ago

    This guy can’t pronounce anything properly lol

  13. alex edsell 4 months ago

    So…that interview you did with him was pointless…you called it a blind buy in your interview..bit here you are like check it out and essentially blind buy it???

  14. DARD 4 months ago

    I'd like to try it eventually but not blindly at $180.

    I agree about the bottle. It looks like a bottle of aftershave balm.

  15. Gary Gale 4 months ago

    Anyone who really watches any of Jeremy's videos knows how to say "niche", "sillage", and Master Perfumer Alberto "Morillas". You may want to take more prep time, so people take you seriously. Grammar, punctuation and pronunciation are crucial parts of making a lasting impression.

  16. Oscar Meyer 4 months ago

    I like it. But then again I'm not an a hole.

  17. Rimix Musiq 4 months ago

    You butchered the word "Niche" 😢

  18. Salsabor Boricua 4 months ago

    Is ok antonio we all know you roll with jeremy what else are you going to say? Yoy are not telling us anything we don't already know and that is that there is no wayyyy this juice is niche quality second no wayyyy is worth the price tag and third the presentation is garbage i mean i can name so many 20-30 dollar fragrances with beter looking bottles so yeah overrall this is at best a 75.00 to 90.00 juice. The only honest review on this juice here on you tube is Ash from gents scents you should check it out if you haven't that is all honesty no games just like it is.

  19. ayeo philly 4 months ago

    Heard adg profondo smells similar???

  20. jenny rodriguez 4 months ago

    Could you please make a video about Date and Office side by side?

  21. YETTA PLOTZ 4 months ago

    $200 a bottle for "safe"?
    1,400 Sprays? His own promo material says 700.
    His other fragrance, DATE gets better reviews.

  22. S ODIY 4 months ago

    I got 60% off Date and Office, my GF loves both and that’s all that matters

  23. Plagued by Death 4 months ago

    I probably will try it eventually after he changes the bottle I love Jeremys channel but come on quit being a douche bag the costumers always right the fact that your arguing most bottle production is 5 dollars then what is the big deal if price isn’t now your just being a dick sorry but the bottle has to go I don’t care if the bottle cost 5 dollars or 50cents yes it may only be 5 dollars but making it look fancy makes it feel more expensive I like simplistic stuff with style your cologne bottle is a simplistic boring that’s the difference put some effort in the bottle come on man your coming of like a real dick over this argument you can’t expect people to love your cologne at 200 dollars when it looks like it came from target or rite aid

  24. Patrick Bateman 4 months ago

    This is in the sauvage family but it doesnt smell like a mess ( I like sauvage though ) But this is much more natural and you can smell it changing and developing through its lifespan on your skin. You can also tell the notes apart. Its a swiss army knife fragrance. Got a bottle coming in this week cant wait. Great video!!!

  25. Kybele Kordax 4 months ago

    The fragrance is ridiculously over-priced and you're talking like a true salesman. Buying the fragrance because you like Jeremy's "story" as a "self-made man" is a ridiculous reason for buying a fragrance. See the following link for the true information about this 'Jeremy' and why he is not someone to esteem: http://archive.ph/2020.01.28-193909/https://pastebin.com/r244mEKy 'Jeremy' is especially a man known for sexually harassing women, plagiarising others' original videos about fragrances online (which enabled him to win an award as a fragrance social media 'influencer'/vlog creator) but which he has since taken down and never apologised to the original creator for, who is not an expert on fragrances and uses the tactic of trying to get viewers to think that if they buy the fragrances he recommends they'll be suddenly sexually attractive to the other gender and receive "compliments"…seriously, anyone who supports this Jeremy – real name, Daniel Shultz, as someone to be proud of and therefore to purchase this over-priced fragrance he has been marketing whilst refusing to supply any samples, expecting people to blind buy it, has questionable taste and ethics.

  26. BoomDaddySizzle 4 months ago

    I take a shower to smell good.

  27. Anson Ge 4 months ago

    Given the fact the fragrances were made by Alberto Morillas and that it is a niche brand without the ability to produce high quantities of fragrances at lower costs such as Chanel and Dior, its understandable to charge in the neighborhood of $200 for his fragrance. When compared to other niche fragrances such as Creed or Amouage, the amount Jeremy charges is quite reasonable. I don't understand all the hate he is receiving. Unless people are just too afraid to try it and thus lash out at a new up and comer, there shouldn't be a reason to disparage the efforts of Jeremy and his brand.

  28. Scott Wilbur 4 months ago

    I don't recommend any blind buys unless you have a deep knowledge of notes and accords. (Still dicey). One is good and a good value at around $100ish.

  29. marediasamir82 4 months ago

    DATE for men is great too

  30. CookiePuss81 4 months ago

    Unfortunately for me I cannot get the scent of a hamster cage from this and I can’t get it out if my head . I’m happy for Jeremy with chasing his dream I just can’t do this one .

  31. John G 4 months ago

    and by the way Niche is pronounced "Neesh" not "Nitch"

  32. John G 4 months ago

    So it's a generic, overpriced, underwhelming fragrance that does more to underpin Jeremy's ego, than add add anything to the "designer plus" fringes of the fragrance market.

  33. cjack202003 4 months ago

    Not going to buy it, just for the simple fact it says "Office." In the near future, it's going to end up in the clearance bin at Marshalls. Gents, do not pay over $50 for this fragrance. If you like the fragrance, find something with similar notes that cost a lot less.

  34. TrickZ1T 4 months ago

    How you pronounce aqua di gio 😂😂😂👌

  35. John Michael 4 months ago

    Hard to take the opinion of a person who references niche as "nitch" & sillage as "cilage"….

  36. Grant C. 4 months ago

    Albertos morillas has a beautiful patek

  37. Cash Master stackzzs 4 months ago

    The best of the best right now is YSl but the several perfumes for man. Actually cologne wears off too quick.

  38. Sailor 1000g 4 months ago

    Honest?? You just lost your credibility with me. Unsubscribing . You sound like a salesman … very disappointed.

  39. Phatkat Collections 4 months ago

    It's not niche if your constsntly defending your price. Nice brands don't do that. You'll never see the house of the matriarch ever "trying to sell" their position. I get it though. YouTube is a business.

  40. Phatkat Collections 4 months ago

    Spoken like a true salesman.

  41. TheHonestjbone 4 months ago

    PSH…all i SEE is how much you used of Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme by George!!! Got my bottle coming in soon! cannot wait!

  42. Russ Christel 4 months ago

    I love that you have a Tommy bottle in the background. Such an underrated fragrance!

  43. Chesty 4 months ago

    It’s been a week and half and no word or email replies to my inquiry as to where my order is. I called PayPal to refund me. Screw him and fragrance. Will never buy again.
    Great channel my friend 🙂

  44. Nate Wiggins 4 months ago

    You are a good friend and a damn good salesman! Nice video!

  45. JozzipB 4 months ago

    What is that blazer you're wearing? 🙂

  46. larios86 4 months ago

    Dior sauvage and bleu de chanel are better but half the price omg🤣

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