Office 365 Vs Microsoft 365: Which Subscription Should You Buy?


Comparing the many Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans to help you decide which is best for you. Should you buy Business or Enterprise? Premium or Essentials? E1, E3, or E5? What about the Education (A1, A3, A5) and Firstline (F1) plans?

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Links to Microsoft 365 & Office 365 plans:
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🏡 Personal & Home Use:

🏢 Small Business:

🏢 Enterprise Plans:

👨‍🔧 Firstline Workers:

👩‍🎓 Education Plans:


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  1. UPDATE: New version with 2020 updates here:

    April 2020: Significant changes are happening to subscription names.

    1st April:
    Microsoft 365 F1 renamed to Microsoft 365 F3
    New lower-tier Microsoft 365 F1 introduced

    21st April:
    Office 365 Business Essentials renamed to Microsoft 365 Business Basic
    Office 365 Business Premium renamed to Microsoft 365 Business Standard
    Microsoft 365 Business renamed to Microsoft 365 Business Premium
    Office 365 Business renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps for business
    Office 365 ProPlus renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
    Office 365 Home renamed to Microsoft 365 Family
    Office 365 Personal renamed to Microsoft 365 Personal

  2. I’m starting a managing web site where they buy service and we mange security and stuff it will finish on 9 months that’s why I’m watching everybody I met said get office if you will start a business

  3. Hi can you throw some light on the price of different licenses and what would be the suitable package for home office use of word, excel, ppt and outlook??

  4. Great job! I subscribed. Can you share what software you used to create your video with the illustrations and animations? Very well done. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I bought monthly Office 365 Personal subscription, will I get Windows 10 on April 21st, after Office 365 rename to Microsoft 365? And will the price stay same?

  6. MS 365 is primarily for organizational use. Individuals should buy Office 365

  7. I definitely need to get the hearing checked. I thought you said "The PROZAC Show". I hear a slight accent…Irish or Scottish?

  8. Finally, someone who can make sense of Microsoft's cloud licensing. Now to find someone who can explain to me like I'm five what the difference in Business Premium is between Sharepoint and OneDrive Business…


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