Office 2019 New Features And Where To Get It UNDER $50!


Office 2019 has tons of new features, all covered in this video! Also, how to get it CHEAP from SCDKey!
Office 2019:
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  1. Monthly Builds November is up!! 👉👉

  2. did a little research on link provided Many are disappointed with site, dodgy. You'll probably get a legit key there, but it's really crap shoot. Better to buy directly from MS or Amazon, just make sure it's DIRECTLY from Amazon and not from a shady 3rd party vendor OR from some other legit source

  3. My one critique is that you speak very, very fast and whiz through the features in lightening speed; for those who are a bit slow (and older) on the uptake like myself, I had to back up the video several times to get what you were saying! Now, that could be mildly problematic for you since the rate of speed at which one talks is pretty much built into our DNA but if you can manage to make a video, even if it take a little longer, that goes through the features and steps for purchase with a little less speed, I suspect it would be very much appreciated! And what about technical support? Who do we call if we run into technical issues or have questions and concerns with the software? That's not covered at all, at least not that I noticed! The price is just amazing but without some sort of support, I would have to think twice about the purchase although I'm really tempted by ridiculous price! i eagerly await your response! Thanks!

  4. Is SCDkey a legit company? … or are they scamming there customers? The first couple reviews I read at their site, from their customers, suggested they were SCAMMING with their products. One example: You can only use the MS Office Product Key once, and then it will not work for a 2nd time if you need to reuse it.

  5. SCAMM ALERT! Just bought the key! Trying to download for mac. The key didnt work for mac. Called the company and they refused to give a refund. So now I am out $50.00. Insane.

  6. What if the computer I installed OFFICE on breaks and then gets replaced by a NEWER computer?  Is the key code able to work again so I can install OFFICE on my replacement computer?

  7. You are promiting pirated version with a keys from china. The only way to buy legit office is to buy from MS Store.

  8. When i redeem the key in at step 3 when clicking next for me is appearing a button "Download" instead of redirecting me to my microsoft account services & suscriptions. When i access to my microsoft account services & suscriptions office pro plus 2019 is not appearing

  9. Thanks a lot. Will it come with updates? So this is a life time license right? Is it for more than one pc?

  10. There should be a basic office suite that is offline for home users who rarely use office for free. Come on Microsoft, we don't want an online one but rather an offline one


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