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Morning Show 22-05-2020 With Tohid Chattha | Covid Updare

Punjabi Lehar is endeavoring to bridge a gap between the people of East and West Punjab, created by the partition of 1947. Most of the people have passed away with an unfulfilled ardent desire in their heart, to see their birth place and meet their childhood friends. Punjabi Lehar is attempting to fufil the desire of remaining partition era punjabis, who will be gone in the next five to seven years. Punjabi Lehar, through its medium is spreading the message of love and cooperation. With your support, It will always be our endeavor to create an environment for communication, love and harmony

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  1. Surriya Akhtar 5 months ago


  2. kashif farooq 5 months ago

    Nice info

  3. Bilal Arif 5 months ago

    Salam sir

  4. islam ka bayan 5 months ago

    کیا آپ کو فخر ہے کہ آپ حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے امتی ہیں
    میرے اس یوٹیوب چینل کو ضرور سبسکرائب کریں جزاک اللہ

  5. Apna Khatana 5 months ago

    Salam g

  6. kulwant Ghumans 5 months ago

    Sat Sri Akaal

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