Kevin Vs Mini Cupcakes – The Office US


‘Honestly, where does it end with you people?’

Season 9, Episode 9 ‘Dwight picks up the slack when the party planning committee fails to plan a Christmas party; Darryl worries Jim has forgotten the promise he made; Pete teaches Erin about “Die Hard.”

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  1. Cupcakes serve a purpose Kevin they can serve a small group with out having to go all in on a cake. But hes right that its bs to have mini cupcakes for an entire office

  2. On reality mini cupcakes are the right portion. Cupcakes are pure sugar and butter! I don't drink soda, but when I do, I drink a 1/5 of the 12 ounce can with my meal and pour out the rest.

    Let's face it America, we forget what a healthy portion is sometimes

  3. Did anyone else get triggered at 0:02 when Jim fat fingered the enter, the shift, and the apostrophe key? He messed up his entire spread sheet probably!


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