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Jeremy Fragrance Office For Men | Honest Review

Jeremy Fragrance Office For Men review. This is Jeremy Fragrance’s first fragrance release through his company Fragrance.One. Is Office For Men any good? Here’s my [brutally] honest review!
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Fragrance.One Office For Men:
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  1. Robin James 4 months ago

    Have you joined?
    Sign up for the FREE Man For Himself newsletter here: https://manforhimself.com/man-for-himself-newsletter/

  2. ke 4 months ago

    Was very tempted to buy this. Cheers for the head up. Great channel, new subscriber here ✌

  3. mrziii mrziii 4 months ago

    People resist successful people. You will see it yoself when you are more successful than this. Constructive criticisms are the best. Build each and stop competing and hating.

  4. THE MACHINE 4 months ago

    Don't mind the body, mind the 'Engine'

  5. IzzuanNymQ Affendi 4 months ago

    Maybe Alberto intentionally made it weak because Jeremy has been obvious on hating Sí and Aqua Di Gio. 😂

  6. miyu lens 4 months ago

    i AGREE with u.

  7. Norman Ritter 4 months ago

    I just got it for 60€ and that’s the price he should be going for at all time, it’s a crowdpleaser, nothing special. But that’s actually what it’s supposed to be.

  8. 김슬기 4 months ago

    I love this video

  9. Bob Builder 4 months ago

    @Robin James When the duchess of Cambridge got married everyone expected her to have this fairy-tale or outrageous dress, but she said she kept everything simple, even doing her own makeup because she wanted her husband to recognise her when she walked toward him !!! Hats off to Jeremy he learns fast, he learns from the best and he knows which side his bread is buttered……BOTH SIDES 🙊

  10. Matthew D Duncan 4 months ago

    I actually loved it and I am an avid collector of fragrance

  11. Danish haqim 77 4 months ago


  12. Oyster Tran 4 months ago

    Love your style of talking!!!

  13. Brian Bakker 4 months ago

    I'm not the biggest fan of the scent and definitely the price (I got it for 60€ which is about right), but how is the performance poor? For how fresh it is it might be the best performing scent that I've come across after testing about 200 so far in the past year. I can't think of any fresh scent that does as well as this and I've almost exclusively tested niche (MFK, Xerjoff, FdB)…maybe Percival by PdM is similar. This is a beastmode performing and projecting 'freshie'.

  14. Andrew R 4 months ago

    This perfume is $180!!! Too expensive for a newbie fragrance. Better buy some real perfume there are lots of branded ones out there.

  15. John Hammett 4 months ago

    I haven't tried this fragrance but I'm sure if Jeremy released another fragrance in the future, it will be a better performer because he would have learnt from the pitfalls peeople have pointed out.

  16. Hadhoudtn 4 months ago

    I used to follow Jeremy and since the release of his fragrance and backstabbing his fans by selling a fragrance with an extremely high price (he even announced that he was tripling the price and released like 2 or 3 videos calling his fans haters etc, these videos are deleted ofc) I decided to unsub from this crazy guy's channel…I'm actually not surprised that his frangrance is not that amazing (as he said)

  17. Bigg Jeff 4 months ago

    It smells like a cheap zara Parfum, im very disapointed…

  18. Zled Pen 4 months ago

    Good review or bad review… there is no stopping Jeremy and his success. Don't worry… his fragrance empire is coming.

  19. Smuddy 4 months ago

    I think it’s a perfect minimalistic design.

  20. chaiyya345 4 months ago

    Oh man…really? Why so many of u look so gay

  21. Joakim Hallgren 4 months ago

    Jeremy is a sham. He deletes and blocks comments, not letting anybody critique him. Like a totalitarian dictatorship.
    His taste in graphic design is horrendous, and to some degree his taste in clothing as well. (It sometimes doesn't fit his body at all)
    The fragrances he recommends is oftentimes extremely mediocre. Many of the purchases I've made because of him I have regretted. And his own fragrances are nothing special.

  22. Mouayed ALsinani 4 months ago

    Hey guys use: Tiktok50 for discount its workn with me😂🔥🌺

  23. SouthernLocks 4 months ago

    Man please do a Verses with Office vs Toy Boy.

  24. Matthews Hardyal 4 months ago

    This is brutal honesty

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