Introducing Microsoft 365: New Features


Office 365 sunsets its name this week, with the introduction of Microsoft 365, upgraded family and personal plans, and new features landing in a few months with Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Editor & more.

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  1. Very nice video. It give clear view on the what hv been upgraded. Highly recommended. Lets support my project on how we utilised microsoft 365 for final year project course at our institution.

  2. I do not see families buying this at all. If you are in the Apple camp, you get the family features free and on Android, you have the same.

  3. One thing that is missing is that people want to protect their personal accounts from work, especially giving an organization the ability to see blocked schedules.

  4. The reason for the name change is simply because people are freaking confused, including those that work at Microsoft.

  5. Office 365 is too expensive and you never really own the product. What I did: I simply bought a product key and it's working like a charm. Search for this if you want some cheap goodies: PromoKeys OfficeProPlus2019

  6. 1:22–1:23 Is he saying "More than 30 Billion people have subscribed'? Planet Earth's population is not even 8 Billion people. )))) Or is he just speaking with stuffy nose (nose full of mucus) and saying "30 Milion"???

  7. Is the British pronunciation of Plaid "play-ed"? That's amazing. I've never heard it said any other way than "Plahd"

    Plaid is the largest bank connector software in the world, they were recently acquired by Visa for $3.5 Billion.

  8. It used to be free….

    And I’m retired, why would I want to be productive. All you hamster wheel commenters are locked inside in personal hamster wheels. That’s not a life for living is it now.

  9. Hello all does any one know on here why the Excell app does not work when down loaded to a new mac book air. An alert keeps coming up saying it can't find the spread sheet i want to use it on, by the way i am not a tech person help needed.

  10. MS365 – compliance over creativity. Conformity over freedom. Regulation over dreams. The defining failure of 21st century software. MS365 – Humanities most pathetic devolution.

  11. thank you 'keep productive.' MS365 is the most idiotic, pompous, arrogant, over-produced, stupid, restricting, stifling, truly asinine, facile, in-sane, anti-creative, dehumanizing software I have ever seen in my life. MS365 will be solely responsible for this publisher, leaving, publishing. I mean how dare they? Microsoft – Silicon Valleys most arrogant and patronizing f%$ks. No, I am not a mac guy.

  12. Money in Excel must be one of the best aspects of Microsoft 365… and it is region locked to the US only like so many MS products.

  13. Well, I'm well fed up with this. I want mine to be desktop only, I don't want it on the internet. I've just gone from a laptop to a desktop and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and I am tearing my hair out. I have 2 years of college work and 2 years of university work and it informed me today that it was full and wanted me to pay for more. WTF – no, all I want is to store it on my laptop and be able to open it when I want, offline. I've had my desktop for 48 hours and basically,
    it's useless because my laptop still has all my work on it. Anybody got a good idea for a different programme to use?

  14. "connected" means control, with targeted advertisements and a toehold into your life. no thanks microserf. I'll keep my data to myself…….

  15. As much as I love theses products…there's still a lot of work to do on Microsoft part to be on par with the contents and fuctionality. Tried to go all in, but some key features are missing (if I compare To Do with let's say: Todoist). Exciting times ahead for sure.

  16. The thing about Microsoft is, it always looks great on their commercials. The stuff runs smoothly, lots of happy faces, everybody's having a great time. In practice, it's confusing as hell to use and the syncing across devices is hit and miss. Example: go into OneDrive, there's a folder with OneDrive in it. Why? I'm already in OneDrive, ffs, why do I need another folder called OneDrive, inside OneDrive? And what's the point of the Attachments folder? And why is there another web interface called Office which seems to do the same things as OneDrive just in a different way. Compare it to Google: just go into Google Drive and away you go. Microsoft need to get the stuff they already sell working well before adding even more complexity. Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.

  17. Seems to be just a Name Change. U still get all of the Office Apps along with the new features in each app,

  18. Slack Will pay every year to Apple Billions for Using Exchange even Monday and FaceBook for Work. Apple will Earn Billions a Year. Work. In iOS Only. Even in Mac. I want it Until September. Work.

  19. You Could Publish Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, garage Band and and iWork Works in WhatsApp and LinkedIn and FaceBook Feed and Slack Feed. Work even iMovie.

  20. Very helpful video, thank you. You have me to blame for ruining the number of likes, which was 365 before I dropped by.

  21. I just subscribed for the personal plan, to give it a try. It looks good, and I can cancel anytime, so if I don’t find it useful then I can change back to the free version.

  22. I am sure Elliot will be very happy to chose "healthier habits" like not gaming so much. God my son would hate this! haha


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