How To Make a Mini Refrigerator For your Desk/Office (Easy and 100% Real)


Here you can see the products which i used in this video
Module Peltier AliExpress
30g Thermal Grease AliExpress

See my blog video:

This video is also tested in about 10 minutes it reaches 11 ° C
I will teach you how to make a mini fridge at home.We will use a cold storage box , to which we will attach two peltier modules TEC1-12715
about 130w,and two fans,which is put under a voltage of 12V and 12 amps

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  1. Bonjour , pourquoi percer le fond ??? Ce serait tellement plus pratique de le faire sur le couvercle !!! Pas compris !!! 😉😎

  2. Perdón pero tu toma de temperatura es errónea, el sensor del termómetro debe estar colocado en la parte delantera superior del gabinete para saber cual es la verdadera temperatura, así como lo colocaste muestra la temperatura del disipador que es mucho menor a la del compartimiento. Experimento fallido según tu demostración, vuelve a mostrar en otro video cual es la temperatura en relación tiempo como haces en este pero colocando el sensor donde corresponde sino no es mas que un engaño.

    Google translator:
    Sorry but your temperature outlet is wrong, the thermometer sensor must be placed in the upper front of the cabinet to know what the true temperature is, just as you placed it shows the heatsink temperature that is much lower than the compartment. Experiment failed according to your demonstration, show again in another video what the temperature is in relation to time as you do in this one but placing the sensor where it corresponds but it is nothing more than a hoax

  3. Как подключил элементы???
    Последовательно или паралельно???
    Сколько Ампер потребляет всё устройство???
    Сколько потребляет 1 элемент???

  4. Btw try a hacksaw blade for cutting the Styrofoam macho smoother cut and add another compartment to the bottom for the hot side of the Peltier you'll be able to keep to cold food or drink cold and the hot food and coffee warm to hot. Just a thought.🙄

  5. You put the temperature sensor in the Peltier tablet. This way the colder reading is wrong. You must put the temperature sensor in the tablet on the bottom of the refrigerator, and so you will have the correct air temperature in your interior!

  6. One bad thing tou did is you didnt put insulation between those heat sink. The heat will melt down the styrofoàm dumb ass.

  7. One problem, you used metal screws to attach the two heat sinks which will reduce efficiency through thermal bridging. If it has to be metal screws, go with stainless steel due to it's much lower thermal conductivity. But it would be best to use nylon screws.

  8. Saludos desde Ecuador…excelente video me interesó y quiero hacer una heladera: tengo una pregunta: si le pongo hielo dentro será que le mantiene congelado si o no?? Te pregunto es porque quiero hacer helado de paila y no quiero que se des congele el hielo Gracias por la respuesta

  9. Awesome build 🙂 Just one suggestion mate, try some fiber glass in between those two aluminium sinks. Good luck!

  10. Sir can I use 12 volt 10 amp dc adapter for 12715 peltier. Peltier work or not.
    Sir please help me.. I confused.

  11. If my Peltier plate is 12706 that is its max rating is 6amps
    So if I apply 12volt 20amps power supply to my Peltier will it damage my Peltier?

  12. only 9 to 8c? dude you can get much better cooling if you insulated it very well like thick styrofoam and a fan inside. mine gets to 6c but it can go lower if i insulate the door well enough.

  13. 12 volt 1 amp is not enough also you can get a buck inverter and lower the voltage to get a better temperature drop each diffrent set up will vary on results as far as seen up to this point


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