How to DownLoad WinRAR and WINRAR download – Windows 10 The Easy Way 2020


This video shows you how to download WINRAR in Windows10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and even for MAC IOS 13. WinRAR is free to use for 40 days after doing a WINRAR install following my video guide. And that’s a long trial period for a great app like WINRAR. In this easy to follow WINRAR tutorial you will also see how to perform a WINRAR download 2020 free. I show you the easy way how to download WINRAR for MAC OS or how to download WINRAR for PC in just a few tutorial steps. Plus, at matter of fact you can even see how to download winrar windows 7 by using the same step by step procedure shown in my WINRAR how to video.

Sometimes, you just need to know quickly how to download winrar files on windows 10 so you can get on with your important work.

WINRAR download link:


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  1. For my laptop I cannot create a shortcut, when I click send to it only says "Bluetooth", and I need to have the shortcut for an app.

  2. When i double clicked it, it said "allow this to make changes to your device?" And then it said I had to put in a password

  3. ty my guy, i was tryin to extract some files for a game that i play. ur tutorials are really easy to follow. thank you!


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