How To Download Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version For Free(Torrent)


Hello Guys and today I’m going to show You How To Download And Install Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version For Free! This is also the Office Pro Plus Version which means it will have everything.

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  1. Link in Description is wrong, this is the link:

  2. I really get so Angry when i Click a Link And i found it a bugged and Added Advertisement And at last its doesn't Work…..Really so embrassing Man Please Update your link..Thanku.

  3. i have disabled antivirus and extract the file after that the setup dont have ".exe" why ??? can anybody help me please??

  4. if youre having problems like I did, maybe this will help:

    1. download the free version of uTorrent
    2. download an app like WinRAR – something to extract files with. BreeZip is free
    2. go to the Microsoft Office torrent download page on Pirate Bay
    3. disable your computers anti virus
    4. download the Microsoft Office torrent
    5. Extract the Microsoft Office file. (In BreeZip: You may have to dig into the folders to find and extract KMSAutoNet.exe separately. And it may not want to extract at first so give it a few tries. Play with it until you get it out.)
    6. run setup.exe to install Office
    7. run KMSAutoNet, click Activation, Activate Office
    8. open a Microsoft application like Word
    9. let KMSAutoNet do its thing until Word is activated and there are no problems like that anymore
    10. When KMSAutoNet stops doing stuff, then you can close everything and enable antivirus

  5. There's an error popping up saying, 'We're sorry we weren't able to download a required file. Please make sure you're connected to the internet.'

  6. This works! I was a little confused at first because I guess I had a new version of Office already installed, so I had to downgrade first (just install what is included in this download). Basically, just follow the instructions in the vid. Also, once you activate Office, you'll want to turn off the annoying "Activate Now" popup. I used this video and now I'm up and running smoothly 🙂

  7. I installed it no problem and clicked on the activater but when I open Word it is still asking for an activation key…etc.

  8. you have an obligation to remove a site that is not working any more man.  Take this down please. It does not work anymore


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