GTA 3 Cheats – 100% WORKING CHEAT CODES (PC, Android, iOS, XBOX, PlayStation)


GTA 3 Cheats – Having Fun With All Cheat Codes Available!

This videos shows you all GTA 3 cheats on various platforms such as PC, Android, Mac, iOS, PlayStation & XBox.

Contains cheats for health, armor, tank spawn, weather, time, wanted level, game speed and more. These GTA 3 cheat codes will contain a short demonstration video to see how it works after activation.

Please note that using some of these cheats may affect the overall game statistics and gameplay. Make sure to create a backup save before activating cheats, as some of them cannot be disabled.

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  1. Try entering Pedestrians with weapons plus Pedestrians all hate you cheats then try and complete the game. I call it armageddon mode as in arma geddon outta here, lol!!!

  2. I'm confused for the arrows what controls are we using LS RS Dpad can someone please say it in the comments


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