GOD Explained / One Punch Man


Explaining the character called God. Who is he, what he can do, and who isn’t.

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Art used:

God from 113 color art:

God and Homeless Emperor color art:

Saitama carrying Goku:

Homeless Emperor color art:

Homeless Emperor holding energy art:

God standing on homeless emperor art:

God vs Saitama artist:

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  1. Imagine God comes after 6 months to destroy the earth …. And fights Saitama with Him blocking Saitama's Serious punch …… With ease …. In first Battle Saitama losses and in Second and Final …. He wins !!!! ONE PUNCHHHHHHH !!!

  2. I'm throwing my theory out there and saying God is that big chinned kid who was saved by Saitama from crab monster.

  3. What if psykos was faking being god to manipulate homeless emporer and when "god" bestowed power on homeless emporer it was just a monster seed

  4. here is the theory.
    There is multiple gods, maybe "hero" side one and "villain" side one. There is the God opposed the God of homeless man. That creature is the one gave Saitama his power. He gave Saitama power because he is on hero side which the God approve. The homeless emperor was taken away his power because he is not useful enough? Very end of one punch man, the God will take away Saitama's power and how it ends the story. Saitama gets his hair back and has fun in challenging life. Happy ending(?).

  5. I really wanna see saitama fight this "GOD" character, and i wanna see him go fully serious to god so we can see how incredibly strong saitama is, And I hope either saitama dies happily or survive but lose all his strength and return back to normal form.. that's just my theory of how this fight gonna turn out

  6. Homeless Emporer is homeless. Hes probably delusional and his delusions became his monsterfication. That was years of crack addiction burning his mind

  7. Considering how well he's drawn in the webcomic compared to the other characters, he's probably the most important character lol.

  8. if we go off mob psycho 100 another manga by ONE and we go off the character he had in that, that could also give people powers. we can tell that GOD is probably atleast 10-30 times stronger them homeless emperor. he could also be extremely weak. and thats why he gives powers to others, not himself

  9. I’m probably sure the god is the creator of this manga, if you want to beat saitama he can just ripped off the page

  10. saitama is the god level threat , dont you see , the whole point of the series , the fact that people monsterize because of losing their humanity is a key to this, we know saitama became so strong to the point that nobody represents a challenge for him anymore , thus after this became bald and became losing his emotions , aside he hardy has any friends, this is they key to saitama's corruption, the boredom and lose of emotions because of the lack of recognition from the public , being lonely , not having any challenges as well as losing his emotions will turn him into a monster , thus its pretty sure god is just a hyped character to be disposed of later just to hide this fact

  11. Just saying, if god is earth, only if he is or theorised to be that means Boros’s collapsing star roaring canon could of possibly killed god…

  12. He does not hate humans, after finding out how homeless emperor used his powers he took his power away and killed him.

  13. I just saw the god comics for the first time today and I was definitely fooled. you might say it's a god tier fan fiction, but seriously its so well done and believable.

  14. I seriously doubt God will be the last villain for Saitama.
    Saitama's has three struggles: He cannot find thrill in life anymore, he cannot try new things that he may fail at, he doesn't know what to do with his life, whether to be a hero or not.
    None of those struggles are answered by a battle against God, an entity that is dissapointed in humans and wants to kill them for it. This kind of shonen antagonist is good enough for the rest of the cast since it offers a challenge to their quest for power and their willingness to sacrifice their lives as an act of heroism, but for Saitama it's a no brainer.

    If I was to guess, I think Saitama's final challenge will be to find something or someone to care about. I think he may even return to being a business man, or find a job he's not good at and learn to embrace challenges. He still would help people physically on the side, but his actual life would be either ordinary or focused on his close relationships. In any case, it cannot be a fight.
    Saitama will always be the Onepunch Man, his apotheosis will not happen when he finds an adversary that can take one of his serious punch, but when he'll accept his fate and go climb another mountain.

  15. Since god is absolutely power, I hope Garou returns to help saitama fight god. He hates absolute power, so it's basically Garou's fight too.

  16. I am a god, so the first thing I will bestow on everyone is, Bills that must be paid every month, a work that must be maintained daily or suffer the consequences.

  17. The accumulated negative emotions of environut snowflakes creating monsters to punish human civilization for precieved misdeeds as like "Gia" couldn't set off super volcano's, 12.O Earthquakes,and Tsunamis to snuff out Humans herself


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