Download Install and Activate Office 365 free – 2020


In this video i will show you how to download and Permanently ACTIVATE office 365 from Microsoft official website without any crack or 3rd party softwares 2020.

So you are free from viruses , spyware and hacks.

Many people want to activate Microsoft office but they don’t know how to activate

This is not a fake video like others.
110% work guarantee………..

if you don’t understand urdu plz turn on closed captions and follow the on screen instructions

❤️❤️❤️IMPORTANT NOTE ❤️❤️❤️

Text File Link


I Revived a lot of request for making a CMD file for you so here is a link of CMD file you can download one of them and run as an administrator this will activate your office 365 EnJoy !

CMD File Link ( Two Files one Zip File & Other unzip CMD File you need only one of them)

Enjoy Your #Microsoft #Office365 #Free


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  1. Wow youre the only one who actually gets the Office from the Official website. So it is 100% SAFE! Thank you brother. you helped a lot of people save money. God Bless and more Power to you!

  2. Bro. Did all your instructions. Activated and all. But I have a problem. When I check the bill. It shows there. It will expires in 30 days. So that's 1 month only. I was expecting. Once activated. No more expiration. Thanks

  3. Will this work to activate Office 365 Enterprise E5? I am interested in Power BI pro which is only included in this plan.

  4. mai wo sab chiz kiya jo apne btaya lekin CMD me activation failed ho gya, but mera excel sab kam kar rha hai. per CMD me activate kyu nhi ho rha hai? Mera Windows 10 Home hai esliye kya?

  5. Wow! Really Working…. I have been burning the mid-night oil finding such a post… and finally I got that!
    Amazingly, I am using Ms Office 365 Business as a corporate of an organization, it still works. Although the cmd says "Version Not Supported".. But the Office 365 Business is actually activated!
    Thankyou so much for such a wonderful video…

  6. Hi, this was working perfect but recently it stopped and i don't know how to fix it. error code: CAA2000B

  7. Subscribed. I dont understand Hindi so i used the subtitles instead. Followed the steps but it did not work for me. I assume it has stopped working or something has changed. Will check out your other videos nonetheless. Thanks

  8. what is hard to believe is
    this guy has only got 4k sub.
    just a bit of luck and he might be a overnight sensation.
    although it showed me error and did not activated but still i appreciate your efforts.

  9. @Mz Learning Can u post a video showing how to install and activate windows on a DOS computer operating system for free

  10. my request is that i have instal office 365 but some function not active in excel why like data type stock and geographical data etc

  11. thank you for the video, I did follow the instruction that you gave and it did work on mine!! but there are several times when the Microsoft word changed into read-only and I cannot change it. They suggest me to log in by using another account. Is there any way I can do to fix it?

  12. I download and installed successfully based on this steps. But, my Outlook application is not able to run. May i know how can i solve this?

  13. Hi how can I do if I have a mac? I've created an account, I've installed and now the code don't work with terminal 🙁 thank you

  14. hello i followed your method and it if i want to install on new device, do i need to follow all steps again or i can sign in with the account email for new device.


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