Doraemon 4 – Nobita To Tsuki No Oukoku [Super Famicom] – Playthrough Part 1


SUPER FAMICOM / スーパーファミコン
(C) 15.12.1995 AGENDA / EPOCH CO. LTD.

A new playthrough series I start on my channel…
It’s another Doraemon game, but this time, it’s Doraemon 4 for Super Famicom.
A pretty decent and not too hard platformer, that reminds me of Super Mario World a lot. 🙂
I decided to make this into parts, because of it having a password system, and the fact that it’s my second time trying to beat this game, and I am rubbish at it. But I want to cover this game on my channel in any shape of form, so this is the best I can pull off right now.

A brief information about the game:
You can choose any character you want out of 6 when starting a level: Doraemon, Nobita, Gian, Suneo, Shizuka, Dorami.
Gian is needed in later level to break certain blocks that are marked as him.
I decided to play as Doraemon for the most part, as all of the characters seem to be identical in terms of physics and weapon usage. There is an item, that allows you to carry another character with you, and with that character, you can use special weapons by pressing X on the controller.
For example, if Gian joins you, he can use his bad singing skills to kill enemies that are surrounding you. With Nobita, you can use some sort of planes to destroy enemies. And so on…
The physics overall are not bad, but they are weird, when you are in the water level, because, there you can hold Y button, to swim faster, which works the same way as if you were on regular level.
I mean… do you remember this in Super Mario World, for example? Well, there wasn’t such thing…
I just find it weird that you can swim faster by holding Y button…

The music is kind of ok, but really forgetable… It’s pretty generic, to tell the truth. I like the anime opening theme, and some tracks that are played in certain levels, but not much…

Also another thing to point out that this game has some bonus stages. On some of them, you can to shoot enemies with the cannon, and then you get some sort of bonus (I suck at this bonus game, so I can never manage to shoot anybody)..
Or, there is a bonus level, where you basically can collect as many rings as possible (that act like coins in SMW), to get an extra live (shown as dorayaki in HUD).

Also, in the main game, there are plenty of weapons to choose from, and most of them work just fine, but I stick to Small Light for the most part, because it works much better for me than some other weapons.

That’s kinda about it.
Also, as I said earlier, this game has a password system, and symbols are re-presented as japanese symbols, so, unless you can distinguish one japanese symbol from other, this will be more than a pain for you to enter the correct password to progress further, which luckily for me, isn’t a huge deal. 🙂

Played from Super Famicom.
Recorded on 10.07.2015

P.S. New “Famicom Multicarts” videos will be soon! Thanks to SuperBrain1997 for giving me away some cartridges, among which I found some that definitely deserve to be recorded and uploaded on this channel! Stay tuned for those, and feel free to skip this video, if you don’t care about playthroughs. 😛

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