Buy Microsoft Office 365 License Cheap On Ebay


Should you buy cheap Microsoft Office 2016 on Ebay? And is it legal? or even for real? Find out more with us as we buy an Office 365 lifetime account on Ebay UK.

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  1. Thanks for this Mike. I've read the comments and see that you're now using PremiumCDKeys. Do you know if I buy one of the Office product keys, I can use it on my Chromebook? Also I have an Android phone so would also like to ensure any files/documents can be viewed and updated on either device and sync over to the other device?

  2. Unless fully certain, never ever buy any "digital products" from eBay since those are NOT money back guaranteed! Ebay simply lured whatever sellers, but do not assume any responsibilities even if the seller(s) turned out to be fake seller(s) ( You are on your own!

  3. These Keys are scams DONT BUY THEM — They work for a few months — Or the Seller will disappear after a month. These are keys stolen workers in coporate jobs they have bought volume keys. I bought one and NEVER got it downloaded . I asked for a new key — I got one then it didn't work again… If you got money to burn — go right ahead.

  4. Great video buddy! I love the price point for the "lifetime service" but my main concern would be breach of privacy since you are not the admin and don't know what they might be doing with your data. The worst would be those that are using Office 365 to run their business and have a lot of sensitive information about their customers and even their own business. Is anyone able to confirm that they can't access your account once you have changed the password? Or maybe if there is a way to setup 2 factor authentication to sign into the account……? Any input on this issue would be very much appreciated and thanks in advance for those that reply with some good feedback/ideas.

  5. The problem is the seller is the "organization" providing you a licence, which means they potentially have access to your data. See their "organization privacy statement" under "security & privacty" which includes:

    If you use a Microsoft product with an account provided by an organisation you are affiliated with, such as your work or school account, that organisation can:

    Control and administer your Microsoft product and product account, including controlling privacy-related settings of the product or product account.

    Access and process your data, including the interaction data, diagnostic data, and the contents of your communications and files associated with your Microsoft product and product accounts.

    So if you're using it for creating docs and storing them locally, probably not a big deal if they're not sensitive, but if you are adding multiple email accounts to the outlook client, the seller could potentially have access to these. So think hard about whether this is worth it for you personally

  6. man, at my university, and most now, they offered members or students free office software. Office licensee revenue is now the number one venue for 'soft, I think??

  7. Hi Mike, am actually not a tech person, I need to work with Microsoft Word and I am not sure which license shall I get. thnx in advance

  8. I just bought an account on eBay for £3.25 but the email is really long and I want to change it. You mentioned something about sub-accounts, will that let me change the email and if so how do I set one up. Thanks!

  9. I need to get office on my mac, would you recommend office 365 or office 2019? I can get office 2019 for £8 off eBay (also office 2016 for £4). Please give me your thoughts. Many thanks

  10. 1. How do you create a subaccount? I didn't find this option nowhere. 2. If I take a look to "Subscriptions" I have "Office 365 E3" with Exchange. But if I search Exchange trough the apps I don't find it.

  11. well, all the seller is shipping me : an e-mail address and password but why the seller can't give me the password to the e-mail address which he/she used to create the office 365 account .. how can i be so sure that my info's and doc. are safe .. what if i forgot my login my opinion this way of selling is not right to the buyer although the price is low..

  12. My concern is privacy. Can administrator of this 365 that sells you login info, can he see your files and cloud files? I see why not… Even if you change password, Admin can change your 365 password and see your emails and files?

  13. I bought one some months ago and it's still working… people have raised concerns like "they just give you an email and they can see all your files, etc etc"… and even if they are the admin, not you (which is true) and can at the end of the day, perhaps, see your password, all you have to do is use it offline. Choose a random easy password for that office account ONLY and save the account details in your email or something for future installs. And just don't login on office as I do, use it offline. I just logged into my provided account, downloaded the installer, which is already activated upon install, so you don't ever have to login into the office suite with it, not even to activate, and keep it that way if it's something that worries you, so your files are stored locally instead of being on the cloud… The updates are always a bit behind since I believe these products go into the semi-annual channel, which makes it that your current version could be up to 24 months delayed (I read this somewhere), even tho it says you're up to date when you look for updates. As an example, mine is locked under the semi-annual update channel, and is version 1908, build 1929.20648, released on March 10th 2020, while the monthly update channel, also released at the same date, is already version 2002, build 12527.20278, so, despite being "up to date", there might be new features already out there on other versions that you still don't have because you're forced to be behind for some reason…
    I also have just a normal office 2019 retail key that I bought off a cdkey website too for about 10€ I think, but it's not office 365, it doesn't get feature updates, only security and such… but if for some reason this 365 one stops working or is compromised I can just revert back to that one, doesn't bother me at all, since I use it so little and paid literally under 2/3$ for it…
    PS: No, I wouldn't use these for the cloud storage at all.

  14. how safe is Cloud Storage if they have the email password.?.. It me cost you more

  15. Apologies if this sounds daft, but I just wanted some clarity. Once the password has been changed, the person selling the login details won't have access to any of your files, specifically from OneDrive? Again, sorry if this is a dumb question…

  16. I did this a over a year ago at the recommendation of my company's IT guy. It was working alright until recently when my computer started saying that there are sync problems with my OneDrive, and now I cannot access my OneDrive online. I can sign in to the account still, but it will not take me to my OneDrive. Do you have any suggestions as to how I should proceed? I've attempted to contact the seller via Ebay, but I am doubtful that they are using the account anymore. Thanks!

  17. Do you really trust that sellers cannot reset passwords to the email account under which the product is activated? Is there any method to check this? Otherwise, it is quite risky as your account can be easily hijacked. You would lose not only your license but, they could get access to your documents (at least the ones stored in the cloud).

  18. i want to use the 5TB cloud storage, but i don't want to lose my files if this expires, is there a way to get back by documents if the account gets deactivated?

  19. Thanks a lot. Do you have eBay link for one you showed us for U.S.? WHATS THEIR NAME? I DONT HAVE MAC

  20. well, I just bought a key for 2 GBP on eBay… it works I guess… but I feel dirty… imma just go buy a legit license right now.

  21. Great advice Mike. I’m always heisted getting keys online. You just never know who to trust. This gives me a better idea.

  22. Thanks, Mike! Always a bit concerned about greyware… but if this is the only thing you can afford, it might be worth the effort and possible risk.

  23. Sold 500 yet feedback score is only 89? hmm
    Thanks for the info. If I ever loose my key I know where to get one 🙂


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