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8 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For 2019

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Where To Buy Top 8 Ergonomic Chairs
► 1. Steelcase Leap: Steelcase.com
► 2. Steelcase Gesture: Steelcase.com
► 3. Office Master Truly:
► 4. Eurotech iOO:
► 5. Humanscale Freedom:
► 6. Nightingale CXO:
► 7. BTOD Akir:
► 8. Eurotech ME7RG:

While an ergonomic chair doesn’t need to have every adjustment under the sun, if you’re looking to customize your fit, there are some key adjustments required. This video will rank the best chairs based on the ergonomic adjustments we feel are most important for customizing your chair’s fit.

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  1. BTOD.com 5 months ago

    ► Read The Top 8 Ergonomic Chairs For 2019 Post: http://bit.ly/2HuR3Mk

    ► See All 60+ Office Chair Resources: http://bit.ly/31H1f
    ► Read The Steelcase Leap v2 New vs. Used Comparison: http://bit.ly/2NCDIUK

  2. Renato Franco Rosas 5 months ago


  3. Remy D 5 months ago

    Better to invest in a standing desk and don't just sit all the time. Walk around. Exercise while on a conference call

  4. Nakul Gandhi 5 months ago

    Why no herman miller? I think the Aeron is nearly as adjustable as the leap v2. Both have the tilt limiter, tilt force adjustment, lumbar support, etc. The leap's arm chairs are slightly more adjustable and has a slighly more settings for lumbar. I think most will agree that Aeron and Embody should be near the top of the list. They have their own unique ergonomic features not found on most chairs. Who cares if others are slighly more adjustable. Shouldn't be the criteria for best chairs when they're small differences at these price points.

  5. xophaser 5 months ago

    I sat in a steelcase and humanscale. I would buy the humanscale if not for the ridiculous price. But I might just do it, my back hurts.

  6. Mike P 5 months ago

    ERGO by ULINE is AMAZING- has complete back control. I went through 4 chairs and ERGO is amazing

  7. VJ 5 months ago

    Most of these chairs don't have head & neck support (headrest), so how can they be better than chairs with those features?

  8. Michael C 5 months ago

    Best ergonomic chairs do not have a back rest.

  9. chazzbass 5 months ago

    I am curious, why no herman miller on that list?

  10. ynp7 5 months ago

    Office Master PT78, bro.

  11. Charlies_Angels 5 months ago

    I love, love the reviews…but my friends the music??? 🥺🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔😔

  12. Jared Romero 5 months ago

    When you realize the fart you're quietly leaking out may be a solid – 1:53

  13. SteveUrlz 5 months ago

    Very well put video. After watching this I am definitely not going to buy a gaming chair!

  14. Nicola Carretta 5 months ago

    very usefull video!!!

  15. Max Minjet 5 months ago

    There is only one ergonomic chair – Okamura Contessa II. After trying it, everything else is lower league.

  16. David Rees 5 months ago


  17. Sniperclysm 5 months ago

    I wish i can get a Eurotech ME7RG. Dame chairs are over price.

  18. Fitness Deal News 5 months ago

    Awesome video

  19. Ryan Tolomeo 5 months ago

    I had a steelcase leap for 3 years now and I can say it is one of the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in. The lumbar support is super uncomfortable and the adjustable lumbar support is just a plastic bar.

  20. qmccall0328 5 months ago

    Why no comfort rating? That is most important – then the features to make it even better. I am someone who usually does not find ergo chairs comfortable.

  21. Ni Kr 5 months ago

    I looked for good, honest and transparent chair reviews for ages now. This is by far the best one. Thank you, this helped alot!

  22. Thunder Kat 5 months ago

    If I can't adjust the color of the chair base on my mood I refuse to buy it…

  23. those1kidds 5 months ago

    woo wee these chairs are a rip off

  24. Baptiste Le Clerc 5 months ago

    Hi! Plese, which chair would you recomand me, as I really want a nice lumbar support chair, not with a pillow ? The thing is I am 1m74 and 70Kg and Titan or Noble chair Hero are meant for bigger/taller people ? thanks a lot

  25. Tan Elaine 5 months ago

    Thanks for your video. Now I had know more information for chairs.

  26. Olivier Roy 5 months ago

    Is there any way to get your products in Canada ? I'm looking for an Akir chair. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  27. Jacob Hulen 5 months ago

    Why not just review the arm rests?? This video barely even mentioned anything about seat cushions or actual chair comfort (the most important parts of an office chair) because it was talking in depth about the arm rests the entire time… Have these people ever actually sat in an office chair before? I don't get why this review was so terrible.

  28. E C 5 months ago

    Just got the NOUHAUS office chair on Amazon for under 250 bucks. Probably the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever sat on.

  29. Brandon K. 5 months ago

    Did anyone else know office chairs had that many adjustments?!?! Lol

  30. Mehul Anand 5 months ago

    What about the herman miller embody?

  31. Saju Stanes 5 months ago

    Where are Herman Miller chairs?

  32. Ike 5 months ago

    nice and good chairs thx

  33. jen p 5 months ago

    Hahaha Hahaha

  34. Paul 5 months ago

    No Herman Miller?

  35. endangered species 5 months ago

    hi, can you combine both ergonomics computer chair and table

  36. Obed Vazquez Lopez 5 months ago

    You are not taking into account in the scores the headrests or the seat mesh (material because the seat can breathe with those :S) This will make your scores not worth at least for me, I hope you take these points into consideration in the future.

  37. VonZek 5 months ago

    Love this song, is this Slayer?

  38. Bogdan 5 months ago

    Let me quickly sell a kidney to buy one of those chairs.

  39. Joeri Reynaert 5 months ago

    Hi there. I am surprised not to see any Wilkahn chairs in here. Their dynamic systems in IN, ON and latest AT chairs seem great innovations. Is there a reason for this? Is it because less degrees of adjustability? How would you compare a Wilkahn chair wih other less adjustable chairs such as Steelcase Silq or Herman Miller Cosm? One of the reason why I ask is because those 3 chairs simply look so much better than the fullly adjustable chairs. Thank you!

  40. Grant 457 5 months ago

    not including the ergo chair 2? all the chairs are on the same website as the youtube channel name. I haven't even heard of most of these chairs, hmmmmm

  41. Kaleb H 5 months ago

    The very first chair looks like a dream. I hope its not over one thousand dollars…

  42. David Hazen 5 months ago

    Great video! Now can you do one for chairs below $400

  43. eurosonly 5 months ago

    This dude looks and sounds like Mark from Zebra corner

  44. Amanda Rose 5 months ago

    These chairs are literally more expensive than the actual computers you’re using right now

  45. Alex Mercado 5 months ago

    A lot of these chairs look like you can’t lower their arm rests very much.

  46. andrei belyi 5 months ago

    большое спасибо. полезный обзор

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