$200 Budget IKEA Office Chairs Comparison – MARKUS, JÄRVFJÄLLET, HATTEFJÄLL


I’ve been testing some of newest ergonomic IKEA office chairs for about a year now. Here’s a quick comparison between the Jarvfjallet, the Hattefjall and the ever popular IKEA Markus chair.




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FTC: Not sponsored. Purchased the Jarvfjallet and the Hattefjall. Borrowed the Markus from a friend for this video (Sold my original one a while back)


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  1. I… have… no… words… I have spent the last year with my jarvjallet complaining about the lack of recline, I didn't realise all you had to do was push in the lever. My entire life has been a lie, thank you david

  2. Got the Hattefjall after watching this video. One of the biggest regrets of my life, avoid it all costs. It's great as a 'decoration' though.

  3. Ikea is now selling a chair that is more expensive than the Marcus model but has a cheap tilt mechanism, exactly the same as used in other low price office chairs – this is plain stupid. They should improve the chair, not scam buyers. Ikea should pick the Marcus model and Improve it – improve the arms (make them adjustable), improve seat cushioning (is is too hard after a few months of heavy use, meaning it does not last as long as it should) and improve the head rest material (it is peeling off after one year) – this way they would have a huge best seller. For what i can see this JÄRVFJÄLLET is simply a scam – lower quality tilt mechanism, slimmer back frame that will cause shoulder blades to hurt, arm rests still not adjustable and tilt functionality as good as in other much lower price office chairs. I was considering replacing my old Marcus for this new model, but not anymore.

  4. Instead of going for JÄRVFJÄLLET that are hard to spell & pronounce, IKEA should go MARKUS 2.0 with adjustable headrest & lumbar support while keeping the same rectangular back support.

  5. Can anyone offer some advice for an individual that is 5ft2 (me lol) with a small room. I have shoulder and back issues so was thinking about the new jarvfjallet but without the arm rest. Anyone the same height using the markus?

  6. The Markus is a very comfortable chair. There is one major issue though, on the cloth chair the arm rests are a textured rubber that irritate my arms. The leather version has padded leather arm rests I believe. The rubber arms rests on my cloth version were so irritating that I had to cover them with duct tape so that the grippy rubber texture no longer irritated my skin. I wish that the arm rests were sold separately, so that I could by the padded leather arm rests without having to buy the leather chair.

  7. All I saw when he adjusted the recline tension knob was the head of a dick and when he was bobbing up and down I couldn't stop laughing lmfao

  8. Hello David, I dont want to be asshole but you sound like a little bitch when you speak. Try speaking in a manlier way or something.

  9. I have the Ikea markus . Don't really like it. I'm about 5'11 180lbs and the cushion just would fade after time. The back rest is good but the headrest started to get ripped up after some use. Still have it but got a Aeron chair and it's worlds better!

  10. I have the markus chair for 3 years now and i dont reccomend it. My ass hurts after a while of sitting and i think you can get better for the price.

  11. Hi David… it's 2020… and I can't go to a store and sit in a chair… thank you for this video. I also cant afford $1000 bucks for a herman miller, and my couch isn't cutting it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. These are the budget options? Holy Macaroni…I have been using a £25.00 swivel chair for years. In the market for a new one, what am I missing? £1,000.00 for a chair, It should sit on me then instead…

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  14. I can't stand the markus because the seat is too soft. I'm sitting on the plywood and it's outright painful. It's like there's no cushion at all. After 30 minutes I'm just outright sore and in pain. I hate this chair. They need a thicker firmer cushion.

  15. As a nordic guy with basic knowledge of swedish i can't help but laugh when english-speaking people try pronouncing ikea product names 😀 Jar Fillet sounds like meat from a can, or some fancy name for SPAM

  16. I’m in love with the design of the HATTEFJÄLL chair but is it worth the money? It’s a lot to spend on a chair and they have brought out a black wheeled version but it’s even more money.

  17. Thank you! Very good reviews. Can't make up my mind between Markus and JÄRVFJÄLLET. Now I know what to choose between the 2.


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